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What's Stopping you?

Posted on January 17 2018

Is your New Year resolution staying fit? While it's easy making a new resolution to get fit, it’s twice as difficult maintaining your new set of goals. Why is going to the gym a problem for so many? It’s a funny but serious question. Regardless of your reason for wanting to hit the gym, you must find the workout you love, CrossFit, Running, HIIT training, Olympic Lifting, the list goes on and on. For most people, they want to see significant changes on day one or think they can adapt to new eating habits within days. Unfortunately, this can be a daunting task.

Here are some tips to help get you in the gym:

LOOK FOR A FITTING ROUTINE: If you ask me, what works for others might not actually work for you.I know motivation can be super exhausting, but the best way to overcome zero willpower is to find a sustainable routine that doesn’t involve super intense training like running a marathon on day one!

TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR: Ask yourself, why did you make these new goals in the first place. The end goal was to feel accomplished, not filled with guilt and regrets, look at yourself and say, I can do this and stop self-sabotaging!

BE SOCIAL: Having friends and family who love working out can create competitiveness, use this to hype yourselves up to get the motivation you need. What if I don’t have friends? Try looking for a local group of like-minded peeps or introduce yourself to your fellow gym mates. Remember Your biggest motivation should be yourself, get that body you want!

GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK: Results takes time, it’s not going to happen overnight, do not over train! Your body needs rest so it could perform better. Taking a day off isn’t bad, it allows the body to repair and rebuild muscle, which makes you stronger. Soon exercising will become enjoyable. When you love what you do it becomes an effortless part of your daily activities.

Don't forget to take the following into consideration:

1. What do you eat before hitting the gym?  (Sugar and Bad Fats food are not your friend!)

2. Are you over-working yourself?  (You don’t need to lift all the weights on day one!)

3, Do you have adequate rest after each session? (Sleep is your friend!)

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