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Do you Prep?

Posted on November 13 2017

Training is easy, eating clean is the hard part. Truth be told most fitness goals are dashed against the rocky shores of life once the food aspect comes into play. Getting into gym is one thing, eating proper is another. Add in kids, work life, and you will find every reason to give up.  Why not make it a reason to keep going?  Meal prepping can actually streamline your workweek schedule. Imagine that for breakfast all you have to do is cook eggs and warm the rest in the microwave and you are off. Your lunch and snacks are all ready to just grab and go. More importantly, you know it tastes good because you made it. You can be sure it has not been sitting under some heat lamp or in a quick grab fridge for X amount of days.  That is what meal prep can do for you.

I'll be straight with you about the fact that meal prepping is time-consuming.  It will take a little bit of planning the first few times. That can be said about anything new until we find our groove.  Here are few tips to help out.

  1. Pin meals during the week

Start a Pinterest board dedicated to meal prep. Recipes that don't work can be removed. Keep the ones you love. Keep adding new things before prep day so you can have an idea of what will need to be added to the shopping list.

  1. Buy in bulk

Take the Costco approach and think long term. Buy a little more than what you think you will need.  Sweet potatoes and onions have a good shelf life when stored properly.

  1. Friends don't let friends prep alone

This is great bonding time for couples. It's the perfect time to have fun with a workout buddy. The more support you have the better off you are.

  1. Prioritize

Do the labor-intensive recipes first. Quick things can always be last or reserved for the morning.  Make sure you have containers, lots of containers.

  1. Have FUN!

Turn on some music, the game, crack open a coconut water. (Or beer I won't tell.)

Meal prepping can save you money and empty calories.  The time and work put into this are well worth the results you will see. Did I mention it is cheaper than buying lunch? Just remember diet is 80% of hitting your goals and you can never outrun the fork. Be  Strong. Be Fierce. Be Courageous.

 Submitted by: Chris Roy

 Be sure to follow him on IG @domesticated_iron



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