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Addicted to Gains!

Posted on October 16 2017

Have you ever asked yourself why? Why do I drag myself to the gym? Why the heck do I cause pain to my body?  Are gains really worth all this time and pain?  For those who don't understand the process of building muscle, here is a short crash course.  In order to build muscle, you must tear down.  With every set and every rep you do, you rip muscle fibers. These tiny rips begin to repair themselves as water and proteins are sent to that location.  This is why days later you are sore and hurting. Leg day is the worst because it is the largest muscle group in the human body. It is both feared and worshiped. The pain creeps in two days later and sticks around like an unwanted party guest.  Every time you sit or even look at stairs you know the pain that awaits. Yet, we still rise up early or march in after a long day.


So back to the root question. Why do this? Why are you doing this purposefully?  Simple. You are addicted to gains.  You crave the pump. It is something that is sought out in all age groups. Some do it for health, others need it for therapy. It soothes both physical and mental. Yes, you can gain mass, but you gain confidence as well.  You gain life to spend with your family. Be addicted to gaining positivity of mind and body. The gym is a special tribe that welcomes all. It's never too late to start, but always too soon to stop. The gym is our sanctuary and the iron our sacrament. We do this because we must. Those who have chosen this life, or rather was chosen by this life; eat, sleep, and breathe it. Like a mad scientist, we find different shakes, pre-workouts, muscle confusion, and workout gear. It's a strange alchemy. Why do we do it? We do it to tap into the animal that is in all of us. We become the beast we know we are. We become stronger, fierce, and courageous. So are you addicted the gains?

Submitted by: Chris Roy

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